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You Already Know The Answers To Everything! 

​All questions have answers because of duality. North has South, East has West, Up has Down, Left has Right. Everything has a match. We all have our questions. Some more than others. I promise you already know the answers, your job is to discover them. Once the mind is free from the prism of the ego, you start to ask the up most important questions. My most significant questions have been answered, there answers which were true to me. These are my questions that lingered in my mind, which I now how may own answers. 

Who I’m I? 

I realise now I am what I think I am. All actions, your individual persona, likes, dislikes all are an action from thought. Thought is the only thing that matters. Creation stems from thought. You are what you think. So with that logic you can become anyone, your best possible version of oneself. So who I’m I? I am whatever I think I am. 

Why I’m I here? 

Everything has purpose. I believe in cause and effect. I am here but what is my effect? For this concept, what brings me true happiness, my greatest memories, what I’m I drawn too? Unity! The effect you have on others adds so much more meaning to ones life. So my ideological thoughts on why I’m here. To laugh, love, help others. Being connected to all things. Unity. 

What is reality? 

Once you realise you know nothing you start to learn everything. Forget what you learnt in school, papers, news, icons, etc. What is reality. Reality is your OWN experiences, thoughts, and what makes sense for you. Don’t ever let others stampede on you ideologies. What is reality? You are reality. 

What is after this life? 

In a vessel with limited senses. We can’t see the forces of atoms, nor can we see the waves of frequencies. Heaven, Hell, Nothingness, all stems for an individual thought. But I see things differently. We fear the unknown. The not knowing inches away at us. Death could be different than we think. The fact I am here now, seeing this reality for what it is, is mind blowing. I believe I’m more than I am. World powered on energy, atoms, frequency’s, I don’t believe nothing vanishes. There is no afterlife. Recycled energy, in a different vessel. Forgotten memories, but the same old core self. 

These are just some questions I once pondered. My point of my post is don’t let anyone question your beliefs. All questions have answers. You hold all the answers, you just need to see what is true to you. Once you understand this, you have a mindset of serenity. You see the world in a different way. 

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Mind Blowing Dream, I Never Thought I Would See My Grandad Again! The Afterlife!

So many vived dreams. The last few nights, effortless. No planning, no triggering, no wake ups to catch my REM cycle. Last nights dream has played on my mind. Maybe I’m thinking to much into it, but I had many ideologies into existence, the afterlife. Last night a conversation with my Grandad made my question some concepts. 

My Grandad pasted away many years ago now. As a child he was my hero, still is. A man you wouldn’t want to piss off, but a kind hearted man. Very funny man, I remember him always trying to serenade the lady’s! He was a good man. Taught me many things, and honestly saying I wouldn’t have my mindset I have now, my morales I have now. I will always love him. I remember his home was a place of zen for me. So my dream. 

After a late night of geeking out, I retire to bed. I was tired, my eyelids slide down and boom I was asleep. In a beat, I was stood in an unfamiliar house. Green fuzzy carpit, its hard for me to remember the interior. I was stood in the doorway, in front of me was my Grandad. He looked older than when he passed, he was still a big fella. I didn’t stall, I ran and hugged him. 7 years since I seen him. He spoke, his first words. I missed you Jack. It was mind blowing, it was so real. All my senses in motion. At that moment I was aware of everything. I had goosebumps, I asked him if he was OK. He told me his friend John was looking after him. He told me about Johns wife cooks him tea every night, but she has long nails. He said he was worried he was gonna find one in his food. I remember both of us laughing. He told me to tell my mum he loves her, asking me questions about her life and mine. Its very fuzzy. I had to ask him something (still stood in the doorway), How do I know your real? He looked at my puzzled. He told me to ask my Mum about her 15th birthday. About having to send her to her room for being a rebel. He told me more of the story, but I’m trying to remember. He laughed, he said this world is the same as that one. I was confused by this. He said it again, this world is the same, no difference. I stared at him, he looked so happy, so at peace. I was so glad he was OK. We spoke for ages. We was laughing at his hair, I remember being there for a long time. Its so frustrating. Its so fuzzy, but it was so real. He said he never thought it would be like this. Then I awoken, no goodbye. I was then in bed, my son sat next to me. I grabbed my pad and pen and recorded the event. My minds been pondering all day. 

From my collection of past posts, my logical thoughts. I thought I had it worked out. But what if, what if. We keep all our thoughts, memories. What if we end up in a different realm of existence. Still you, but passed onto a different place. Maybe it was just another dream, and my cogs of my brain our spinning to much. It was so real. I tell you something though, It was amazing just to see him again. My third night in a row with a vivid dream, I wonder what tonights dream will be. 

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Stay Focused, Think What You Crave! Reach Your Goals!

I need to stay focused. Its hard to do that, so many hypnotising material things. I want to write my book, I now I’m destined for better things, but to be focused can be a challenge. I’m starting to understand, you have to crave your goals, your dreams. A message to EVERYONE!!! Do what you wanna do in this life. Not saying go kidnap someone, no. What I’m trying to convey is you all have the potential to greatness. We all think we have a void, we try to fill that void with fake material things. Its not a hindrance, its good to enjoy material things. Just don’t let them consume you, be focused to how you wanna stamp your footprint on the world. You want it go and get it. 

What do I want out of this life? I always feel like a fish out of the ocean of society. I ponder, a lot. The question why is on my mind. I see the masses life’s as a show of illusion. The poor in a prison of poverty, the rich in a prison of luxury. No serenity, no happiness. Helping others, connecting with others, I know thats what my life task is. I’m good at it. Its rewarding. How can I take that to the next stage? This is why I need to focus, and everyone should focus on there dreams and goals. Your dreams and goals could help someone, just be focused. Let reality unfold around you, look past the fake material realm. BUT!!! don’t forget you still need to enjoy the glorious being. We already live in paradise in the mind, the mind can be misleading and tricks you into thinking you need this new laptop, you need 2 laptops, you need stuff, Stuff will fill the void. NO! We see things shown in a flashy way. I’m on the couch now and advert just this second been on. Coca Cola, just seen it and my desire is that I want it. Really its brown sugary water, its really just shit. Rot your insides. This is the key, awareness. After a lot of practice, I’m aware of my own life, the more aware you are, the more clarity you will see. It helps you see what your life task is. Be more aware, be more focused. 

This culture isn’t serving me. What helps me alot is personal ideology. A sense of a personal ideology connected to everything in the universe but on my own journey. The past, the future isn’t really. All there is the moment. This moment. Right NOW. I know I need to stop being hard on myself. The wife tells me that, but I just crave my goals. A mindset like this, you will succeed. Unfulfillment is a trick, have a think now what you have, what’s your craft. You can do it, you choose not to. Maybe you don’t think you have time, or its to late. Get them ludicrous thoughts out the mind. That’s the system, that programming. Look past it. There’s never problems only solutions. You are the author of your own destiny. Get to your dream. 

What a crazy world we live in. 70% of this reality is not accessible to us. The senses stop us from reach that 70%. You think we know our potential, we know nothing. Everything is hearsay. So when the fake people who think they know everything tell you, you can’t do something. Fuck them, they know nothing of the true Reality. You can do anything. As long as your not making people unhappy, go for your dream. There’s a lot of negative people on the planet. There not happy, they get that thrill when there nasty but after they feel the void and feel so empty. So be good in all you do. 

I wanna thank you all, I read the wonderful posts on your blogs. Its inspiring. You all should take it to the next stage. The world needs to see because its had a massive effect on me. You all inspire me. You are all incredible. My final thought, stay focused, don’t let the material thing puppeteer you, be good, be happy, help, and crave your dreams.

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Why Are You Here? The Purpose Of Life!

Before we know what the purpose of life is first we have to understand what we are. We are eternal energy. Buried under the depths of this manifestion of bacteria, viruses, evolution, habitat, which is our vessel, is a creative consciousness. The conscience is the source, without it we couldn’t control the limited sense’s we have. The fact that I know I think, proves its there. The motions of energy, and frequency works along side it. Even the fact we dream, I believe its because the body needs rest but the conscious never sleeps. Once the cloud diffuses, and you understand that the world you see, everything we understand, all begins with thought. After a lot of logical pondering, and hundred of hours filling my brain with self knowledge. Even all my phenomena I’ve experienced. I understand how the laws of the universe work. Its a cycle of eternal energy. Energy never dies, nor its born. Its on going, vessel after vessel. We all have past life’s, this is buried into our inner being, forgotten. You can connect to the inner being, the conscious. I believe we have all the answers deep inside. The challenge is connecting with your own conscious. 

So im sat on the bus now, commuting to work. This is not the purpose of my life. What is the reason? Why I’m I here? I know what we want out of this life. Unity! We just wanna be part of something. If its a loved one, family, friends, group of people, god, we just wanna be part of something. When we are isolated and alone, we get depressed. We live to be one with others. Its hard to vision because we have limited senses, but we are already one. Everything connected through energy. When are mindset is disconnected to all things, and we see oneself as an individual. Maybe fueled by the ego, this causes lots of problems because it sets the illusion in others minds that its every person for themselves. Universal unity through conscious, is this the purpose of life. I don’t know. 

A cycle from the sea of universal conscious energy. We are drawn to this planet. Maybe we are sent here with a task, and we forget when we leave the womb. Could be social programming makes us see differently. Maybe when a person awakens from this illusion of reality, and sees the world for how it is. Then you start to ponder the conclusion of the meaning, the purpose of being. The planet is old. The resources are low. There’s suffering everywhere. I get stinking feeling in my gut, I just wanna help. Usually we are a good bunch of people, when we witness someone in trouble our first instincts is to help. Without thought we help. That’s coded into us, maybe the purpose is to help and save this planet energy. My mind continues to wonder. 

I believe in cause and effect. There must be reason for all of this. I was thinking about how the advancement of technology. Every year that goes by, the more technological we get. Most huge new discoveries we find from using computers. Who knows that in the vast future, aeons from now there is a crisis. The end of humanity has come, and the only way mankind can survive is creating a simulation. Just think what we can do now using machines, think what it would be like years to come. Alot of evidence supports this. The fact we haven’t come into contact with beings not from this planet, how everything is energy, how we are programmed beings, seen entities could be glitches in the system, that goes for déjà vu. There’s loads more. I recommend checking out the simulation hypothesis on YouTube. Its really interesting, the purpose could be to make sure mankind will always existence. 

Maybe I’m thinking to deep into it. Maybe we don’t realise it but we could just be here to just simply be. We get caught up in this material realm with meaningless problems, escaping reality with negative energy. We might of been given this gift to be happy. To love, experience, live life. The purpose of life, could be simply to have purpose. I tell you something this meaning of existence isn’t you day job, your daily responsibles, not your long term goals. I believe its more than this, we have to step away from the ego. See the bigger picture of all things. I believe every time we pass on, and we are reborn. We have a chance to reach higher realms on the path of enlightenment, on a celestial path to the source. That’s why being a positive frequency person is so important. We have to help, and spread happiness to the oneness of the world. If your negative person though its the opposite, you slide down the ladder. 

The meaning of this life could be abit of all these. Maybe in the future I will see with more clarity. Until then , my mind will still wonder. 

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Writing My First Book!

I must apologize for my lack in posts at the moment. I have began my journey in writing my first book “THE ILLUSION OF REALITY” (still in two minds about the title). I’m hoping to transfer my logical thoughts, and experiences to paper. To help people who might be suffering, well we all have our problems. But I have belief when you pull back the curtain of reality and see it for what it is, all suffering and worries disband. Once you realise that everything stems from thought, once you rewire them thoughts you have a more serenity mindset about all things. From energy, frequency, the after life, laws of attraction, so on. I want to convey how we have the ability inside us to reach the pinnacle of living, and become masters of life. I know if we embrace ourselves, the possibilities are endless. My minds always ticking, and I love sharing my ideological thoughts with you all. So fingers crossed, I will succeed. 

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Be Aware Of The System! Change Is Coming!

One day the system will collapse. We are controlled by economics. There is no freedom for the people of normality. A continuum paradox of work, eat, sleep. Prisoners, and we don’t even see it. We get paid, and we spend our money on material things. This is a form of escapism. I know this because I was a part of this illusion, but I see now. How did we become like this? 

We are creatures of habit, neurologically its part of our impulses which were programmed into us from the days of school. Once you rewire the mentality you have. See the world for how it is. The fact we are lied to, slaves to society, living to work, debt, no freedom. We can change this though. We have the potential. You can do anything, we have the capacity to master any craft. Go for your dreams, step out of line and create time to do what you wanna do. Don’t settle for the cards you’ve been dealt. There is never problems only solutions. Make a living in something you love, fuck the system. This is what I want to convey to everyone. Enjoy life, enjoy what you enjoy. Don’t ever feel like you have to do anything, you control your destiny. No one else does, especially not this system.

This present time, people are lazy. They want to go along with the flow of this system in place. Escaping reality, and never asking the questions. Now I embrace spiritual, I have my own experiences and logical thoughts on this existence. I have true freedom from this fake material illusion. I have a serenity mindset. I look forward to this system collapsing. Its stems from ego, everything is about fake value. I can imagine the future will look back at us and be shocked in how we lived our life’s. 

Its hard to see will clarity. We are born into this system, its all we know. In the future, when AI intelligence most likely be the man power then people can start focusing on life. When people of the future look back, they will be in shock over how we worked, how our food is pumped with chemicals, being prisoners to society, living in fear because of the controlling media. We live in very bad times. I believe that if we are more aware, and ask more questions, and not to be gullible. You will see more clearly. You will be more aware of this system. I know soon change is coming.

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We Are A Conscious Energy Having A Human Experience! But Others Think We Are Mad!

Theres so much we don’t understand about the human brain. When people experience the potential we have people are quick to judge when someone isn’t ‘normal’. Societies first thought is give them some pills, anti depressants, that sort them out. Bullshit! So many people embracing there spiritual awakening, living in fear of being labeled as crazy. This label of ‘crazy’ is someone’s opinion on something they don’t understand or haven’t experienced. If we support each other, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. 

We are a energy conscious, experiencing a human experience. This does not fit in with the system. Centurys ago, embracing energy, and talking to the universe was normal. But now its not, there’s no value in it to the elites of the planet. What we don’t realise is that we are born into this system. Its all we know. This system is not gonna be around for ever. We are destroying the planet, people are suffering, resources are low. Stepping back from the ego, and self desires and embracing your spiritual self can save everything. 

After researching fully spiritual people. Opening there chakra gates, and experiencing phenomena from this. These people are being locked up. Labeled as mental. People who don’t have a understanding of thing point and laugh, but these people are not happy. A time will come, and they will sit there and ponder about life after death, or why we are here, or what are the origins of life. Then it will come. Freedom comes with spirituality, I came from a past of depression and hard times. I would be always thinking. I asked questions about this world, I didn’t agree with it. I was lonely for a long time. I embraced my spiritual side, now I experience freedom. Fear is gone. People are drawn to me, and I have the ability to bring the best out of people. 

I just want everyone to be happy. I believe that everyone’s conscious is drawn to this planet. When we are born we forget because the the memory’s stay with the vessel, and the inner conscious energy (the real you) will always be. We are sent here to try save this planet. As we get use to this system, we are brainwashed and programmed to live life’s of illusion. I know I’m here to help people, and help this planet as much as I can. That’s just my view on things. 

So the point of this post is no matter what the judge’s say carry on being you. Embrace your self, don’t worry about what people think. Don’t be down, or sad. Your a thinker, be proud who you are. We are here to support each other. Together as the oneness we are, we can change the world.

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Is It Wrong To Eat Meat? Logically Its Not Wrong!

I do eat meat. I don’t go out of the night and strangle chickens or anything. But there is no spectrum for animals. Animals will always suffer. Its sad but when I heard about the story of the bear and the deer, I had a greater understanding of this issue. 

So this was in some place in America. The locals noticed that a bear was eating all the deer’s. So the wise community came to the conclusion that they would catch the bears, and stick bells on them. So when its dinner time for the bears, the deer would be alerted to the sound on the bells and scatter. As time passed, the bears starved and died. As time passed the deer multiplied, and multiplied. The greeny was being munched at an incredible rate. The resources was low. The deer was starving. Most started to die for starvation. The rest of the deer went nuts, and started to attack the locals. They had to be killed. This is the problem. More animals would of survived if they just let the bear eat a deer. This is normality of life. 

Now I don’t agree, with this inhumane approach to how these animals are killed for there meat. But if there was no death then resources would be low and there would be more suffering. From past posts, and my logical view on all things I believe in recantation. All animals, our self’s are just mammals. All living things have a conscious, and will have many shots at living. My point is don’t feel bad if you eat meat, don’t let anyone judge you if you eat meat. I strongly believe your doing nothing wrong. 

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The Spiritual Truths! (They Should Teach This In Schools)

Im bemused. Theres so many truth’s out there in the world, which are glorious and divine in so many ways. These are hidden away from us, but its down to us to discover them. Once I opened my eyes to these spiritual facts, I was free from thought. My conscious was at peace, calm. I feel like a being of serenity now. In schools today we can’t question the logic taught. Its about obeying, its all yes Sir, yes sir. Its programming the mind so when you leave, you will never have a sense of freedom. We were told we can do anything, and be anyone. This was lies, climbing the ladder to success in this existence you need to let your ego take over, or study more and get knee deep in debt. If your a thinker like me, a man who asks the questions. You will never have the power to make decisions. You will only receive the bottom of the barrel jobs. Take justification in the fact your a thinker, your not a sheep to society. To be happy in this life, you need to put your own footprint on this world doing what makes you happy. So the spiritual truths.  

Everything is energy. 

First is that everything is energy, at its core. Every inch of us, and this grand planet is made up of atoms. What is an atom? Its energy. All energy has different vibrational frequencys, which let’s the energy travel. This is the beauty of things, everything is energy. Just because we don’t see some energys its still there. Even if something has less density, its there made up of energy. We have limits to our senses, so we don’t see the forces of atoms. The eyes on the spectrum can only see in infra red, and ultraviolet. We can’t see all these energy’s and frequency’s. There is so much logical sense to this, and proves we are all connected as one. The oneness of the universe, connected to all things. The ego stops us taking this on broad. On a deeper level this is how we channel energy. We channel energy through thoughts, sound, colour, and love. Buried under the bacteria, viruses, evolutionary, flesh puppets of a vessel which is our bodies, is a creative conscious which is connected to all things. 

The conscious never dies. 

 The energy that is at the core of everything has been around since the origins of everything. Energy is not born, nor it dies. Its inside all of us, and is eternal. All I know is that comes from a source of a higher power. When its time to leave, depending on how you’ve been in this realm of existence. If your been a happy positive person, or a draining negative person, depending on the frequency of ones energy. You can reach higher frequencys of realms and dimensions on a celestial scale of things. Everything in this realm will rot and turn to dust, but the creative conscious energy will never vanish. You will lose memories connected to the brain. The inner being though will always be. Floating from vessel to vessel. Millions have experienced this phenomena, and separated from there vessels when astral projecting. Im always connecting with my inner conscious when I meditate. My fears and worries just disbanded when I discovered this for myself. We are eternal, we are energy.

Thought creates all reality. 

Its incredible. When you think about it everything started with a thought. We never see anything in its true form. What happens is the light reflects into the eye, through the lens, down the optic nerve, reachs the retina, then the information is processed, creating what we see in front of us. This reality is an illusion. We all see the same illusion, because we are all connected. The energy of the world makes us one. Everything you see is an manifestation of thought. I’ve always pondered, who is aware I’m thinking? This also brings in the fact that, if everything is thought then there is no fact. Everything is hear say. What you’ve ever been told or learnt in school is just hear say from one persons thought. The only thing that is real is your own thoughts, experiences, which you discover from the 5 limited senses. This is why its important not to be gullible and follow the masses. Do what is true to you. Connect with the inner you, and understand everything is just a thought. The sadness of the matter is, if suffering wasn’t an intended thought, then all suffering would stop. People fueled by selfish desires and ego, will jot realise this. Once there is a individual seen in the world, that’s when suffering begins. Thought is everything. 

From Time not existing, and The meaning of life is unity. About Love and Fear. Understanding that We are not alone in the universe. There is hundreds of spiritual truths. I could write pages, pages full. (I am writing a book at the moment, so your wish will come true). This knowledge can bring you true happiness, and enlightenment. I can just enjoy life. I understand so much, everything is logical and clear for me. I just wanna help people. If there is anyone troubled by this reality, don’t be. Everything will be OK.